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Political Products

Ace Specialties is a one-stop shop for political campaigns large and small; it’s the solution for campaign strategy and ideas. We specialize in expertly managing political campaigns of all sizes and we know a successful campaign starts here. Ace Specialties political consulting services can be customized to fit your individual campaign goals.

Branding and Messaging

Campaigns sell a unique product: themselves. The campaign message and emotional impact is the product, it’s the brand. We will help mold your message and harness the power of your brand. Our team has experience and understanding of how to use your campaign’s traits to create emotional connections with the hearts and minds of voters.

Digital Strategy

Using data and experience, we craft expert online components for political campaigns. Our digital strategy includes aesthetically designed and smooth functioning websites, videos, pictures, graphics and more; all will gorgeously balance form and function. Working as members of your team, we integrate digital tools into every facet of your message. We pride ourselves on our dedication to making your message shine, quickly and correctly, through expertly crafted digital strategies.

Social Media Innovation

Ace Specialties is on the forefront of the ever changing world of social media. We use the latest tactics to create a voice that resonates with voters. We will work as members of your team to create a firestorm of engagement across all platforms. Your message will have supporters sharing, blogging and creating on your behalf.

Cutting Edge Mobile Advancement

It's "mobile-now” or nothing. Your campaign has to reach the voters where they are, and that’s on-the-go. Every part of our digital, social media, and web strategy is optimized for mobile engagement. Your apps, website, and content will load swiftly and smoothly, ensuring a flawless user experience on every mobile device. Whether it be to raise awareness, funds, or voter turnout. We know who to talk to and how to target the market.


Ace Specialties will provide everything from yard signs and bumper stickers to t-shirts and magnets. Having experience on local and national levels provides us with the insight to anticipate your campaign’s needs.    

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