We embellish items with your logo or message and help reinforce your brand by building trust while increasing awareness among your target audience. With our state-of-the-art machinary our in-house customization services, our staff of embroiderers and screen printers are able to ensure each piece of apparel meets our high standards. From campaign signs and t-shirts to baseball caps and coffee mugs, we will customize it all! We are dedicated to quality, quick turnaround and competitive pricing.


We know the world is run online and on-the-go. Ace Specialties offers your organization outstanding e-commerce solutions designed to fit your unique needs and the needs of your target audience. We have extensive experience in design, development and promotion of ecommerce. We will seamlessly integrate and manage your ecommerce needs from start to finish.


Ace Specialties is a one-stop shop for political campaigns large and small; it’s the solution for campaign strategy and ideas. We specialize in expertly managing political campaigns of all sizes and we know a successful campaign starts here. Ace Specialties political consulting services can be customized to fit your individual campaign goals.

Branding and Messaging
The campaign message and emotional impact is the essance of your brand. Our team has the experience and know how to craft and impactful message and use your campaign’s traits to create emotional connections with the hearts and minds of voters.

Digital Strategy
With our experience and data mining we expertly craft online components for political campaigns. Our digital strategy includes impactful and aesthetically pleasing fully functioning websites, videos, pictures, graphics and more. We’ll integrate digital tools into every facet of your message quickly and correctly, through expertly crafted digital strategies.

Ace Specialties will provide everything from yard signs and bumper stickers to t-shirts and magnets. All customized to reinforce your brand and increase awareness of your campaign platform.

Cutting Edge Mobile Advancement
Your campaign has to reach the voters wherever they are. Every part of our digital, social media, and web strategies is optimized for mobile engagement. Your apps, website, and content will load swiftly and smoothly, ensuring a flawless user experience on every mobile device. Whether it be to raise awareness, funds, or voter turnout.

Social Media Innovation
Ace Specialties is on the forefront of the ever changing world of social media. We use the latest tactics to create a voice that resonates with voters. We will work as members of your team to create a firestorm of engagement across all platforms. Your message will have supporters sharing, blogging and creating on your behalf.


We can handle all customer service functions including processing orders online or by phone, returns, exchanges or any other need. Our customer service professionals are trained to handle any situation that might arise with respect and courtesy. Knowing that we represent your organization as well as ours, we will work together to make sure our team understands your brand and mission. Our goal is to help you build stronger relationships with your customers by always providing the excellent level of service that they expect and deserve.


Interested in custom incentive programs for your employees? We can help create internal branded websites and merchandise to promote your brand from the inside out.